This Hero Made A Video Of His Trip To Dubai And It's Got Everything!

Many people are becoming frustrated with the daredevil performances on the rooftops of Dubai skyscrapers. Some are saying that tragedy is just one step away and that these videos should not be promoted as they are a bad influence on young people.  

While we agree with the sentiment, this new video by Oleg Cricket is all sorts of cool. It's so much more than terrifying stunts from above. It's called 'On The Edge' and some of the shots of Oleg and his girlfriend are taken from the top of the Cayan Tower, or the Twisty Tower, along with desert footage. Have a watch and try not to look away!

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Oleg4 Dc 2016 Base
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Oleg4 D 2016 Base
Oleg4 Da 2016 Base

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Richard Fitzgerald

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