This Is Officially Dubai's Population If You Are Ever Asked

And its expected to grow by almost 40% in the next four years

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A report released this week announced Dubai's current population to be 2.46 million people, higher than the generally quoted two million or so residents that live in Dubai if you were to ask someone in passing. This number is expected to grow by 40% to 3.40 million people by 2020. 

Dubai has felt a bit like a ghost town at times over the hot summer months, but this population increase would justify the fact that there are 35,000 developments currently in progress in the Emirate. 

Did you know Dubai has a real time population clock

This from the official Dubai stats office: 'Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) carries out daily and monthly estimates of the number of population permanently residing in Dubai within the geographic borders of the emirate, whether they are Emiratis or Non-Emiratis. The DSC's estimate of the real-time change in population through the population clock is based on several resources including surveys, censuses, and databases of the relevant governmental bodies as well as the international methodologies accredited in this field.'

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Unemployment is a staggering low 0.3%

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