This Is What La Royal Meridien Looked Like 21 Years Ago!

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Not everything in Dubai was built after the turn of the century. Every now and then people will visit Dubai and recall a trip many years ago when there were only a few places to go to. One of the first hotels built in Dubai Marina was La Royal Meridien. Instagram user @gasmarksix posted this photo from his first visit in 1995 with a shot of what the hotel looks like now. 

At the time, he has to choose from 167 hotels with 9,383 rooms (1993), today a visitor will have 612 hotels with 85,000 rooms to choose from, with another 130 hotels with 32,142 rooms planned to open by next year. Occupancy is currently at a very high 83%. 

21 years later!

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It's not a bad spot at all!

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