This Mall In Dubai Will Start Hosting A Weekly Four-Days of FREE Fitness Classes For Everyone

All you have to do is wake up early, register and get there!

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Mall Of The Emirates will host a consecutive four-day-free-fitness classes every week for the public and this might just be the push to get you kickstarted, or just something new to enjoy with friends. 

The 'MOE Active" programme will host free classes throughout the week 

There will be workouts suitable for a range of fitness levels with qualified trainers from FlyWheel Dubai leading each class. The classes will consist of group walks around the mall, HIIT cycling classes and circuit sessions to FlyWheel. 

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Image Source: ScreenGrab/MOE website

How To Join In On The Fun:

Each class starts at 8.30 am, in Ski Dubai's foyer, prior to stores opening hours. 

Here's the schedule:

• Sunday- 8:30am – Mall Walkers
• Monday- 8:30am – Mall Circuits
• Tuesday- 8:30am – FlyWheel
• Wednesday- 8:30am - FlyBarre

Register before joining, through this link:

Free. Sun-Weds 8.30am. Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha,

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