This YouTuber Filmed A Blind Honesty Experiment in Dubai and New York And The Results Are Perplexing

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Egyptian- American YouTube star, Karim, posted a video a month ago conducting a social experiment in both Dubai and New York. 

In the video, he is seen with shades and a cane, pretending to be blind and asking for change. Holding up a 50 bill instead of the ten he wanted change for, the experiment was done to determine the honesty of the persons to pinpoint that it was a 50. 

Most of the people in Dubai stopped and offered to help prior to even being asked

The video showcased the warm-heartedness of the people in Dubai. A lot of the people stopped, helped the YouTuber pick out proper bills from his wallet, with one guy even warning Karim "not to be fooled if anyone suggests that he is holding the cash of a lesser amount."

The YouTube star is also selling printed T-shirts with customised designs, to help the people of Aleppo

"For every shirt that I sell, a portion of the proceeds will go towards charities that help the people of Aleppo." 

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