Watch: Timelapse Of An Emirates Airbus A380 Being Stripped And Repainted

It never ceases to amaze us what it takes to run a global airline such as Emirates. Yesterday, the airline released this beautiful time-lapse video of an Airbus A 380 being repainted. Each airplane is repainted every 7 / 8 years of service. It takes 34 people 6,000 working hours across 15 days to repaint the aircraft. The Emirates Aircraft Appearance Centre, the world’s largest aircraft painting facility owned by an airline, has completely stripped and repainted 33 aircraft last year, or 13% of its fleet. 

Here are some of the more creative painted aircrafts from the Emirates fleet

Screenshot 2016 07 01 09 39 00
Screenshot 2016 07 01 09 39 06
Screenshot 2016 07 01 09 39 12

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