UAE Stands By Syria As Another Heart-Breaking Image Goes Viral

Whether or not it's World Humanitarian Day


Aleppo Media Center recently released footage of a five-year-old Syrian boy who survived an air strike in the Syrian city. This disturbing image of the boy covered in dust and blood has gone viral for many reasons - people are upset, angered, shocked among other emotions. 

Referred to as 'the boy in the ambulance', Omran Daqneesh's dazed expression speaks a thousand words.

It has, once again, thrown light on the five-year-long war that has uprooted nearly half of Syria's population and the growing refugee crisis.

But, the UAE isn't just a spectator to the situation...

It HAS and WILL CONTINUE helping Syria. On World Humanitarian Day, this is what His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said to his Twitter followers.

UAE's generosity needs no introduction but this is what you need to know...

What we've learnt from UAE's actions...

Residents have reacted to the tragic situation...

Last year the UAE had even eased residency rules for Syria...

As per reports on Gulf News, this step was taken by the UAE government keeping in mind that Syrians have no means of renewing their passports or getting documents from Syria therefore residency visas were extended and administrative regulations were made easier.

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