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A Video Of An 84-Year-Old Indian Sky Diving Will Make You Fall In Love With His Spirit

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Ok guys, get ready to be screaming AWW because this is the cutest thing you will see on the internet today!

On Friday, SkyDive Dubai took to their official Instagram handle to share a video of the of an adorable and UBER inspiring Indian 84-year-old. The video shows Sushil Kumar imparting words of wisdom to the crew at Skydive Dubai and also clips of him enjoying his experience skydiving through the Palm landscape.

In less than 24 hours the super cute video that literally makes you want to go and hug the elderly man was viewed more than 40k times and people were going absolutely gaga over Sushil’s daring and childlike spirit.

Sushil can be heard saying, “I believe in gathering experience, rather than wealth,” and “I am told it lasts for only 60 seconds.. however, time is relative, and 60 seconds can feel like one hour.”

Sushil’s sweet message had inspired many and the responses to the video will make you grin from ear to ear

Sushi’s excitement and Yolo-ism was clearly super contagious

Sushil Kumar literally shows us that age is in-fact just a number and you can never be too old to live life fullest

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