WATCH: The Entire Ellen Show Won Emirates Tickets To Dubai And The Scenes Are Amazing

Emirates Airlines partnered with The Ellen Show in the US to kick off their global THE BIG TAKEOFF campaign by creating a game show called 'Hello and Dubai' The winners would get an all expenses paid seven day trip to Cape Town and Dubai. The contestant who get's their plane across the board first wins following answering a series of simple questions. One of the questions is spell Dubai!

One contestant won the big prize but then an Emirates pilot came out to announce a bonus prize..

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...for the audience where everyone could win tickets to Dubai but you have to scroll to after minute four to see the scenes

Screenshot 2016 05 24 08 02 39

Ellen Tweeted the news and others shared their delight

Emirates Big Takeoff Campaign

Let all your friends in the US know about this prize, they can enter here to win a trip to Dubai. 

There are already lots of people taking part and sharing on Twitter

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