Why Dubai Is The Natural Home For Tech Giant Apple

Who knew these two greats had so much in common...


With an Apple mega store opening it's doors in Mall of the Emirates tomorrow we can't help but ask what's taken them so long to go big?

Apple, the most innovative tech firm out there (sorry Android) and Dubai, the city of the future...it just seems like a natural fit to us! Well, we'll look past it since they've clearly seen the light. Their biggest flagship store in the Middle East is being unveiled tomorrow by none other than Apple chief exec Tim Cook.

Anyway here's a list of why it seems the two could have been separated at birth...

They both started off small...


Apple launched from Steve Job's garage - 1976


Children playing in Al Satwa, Dubai 1976

And both have seen huge growth

shutterstock 94285984

Dubai's skyline


people actually camp out waiting for new Apple products!

They both have gone on to achieve the near impossible

shutterstock 226270069

burj khalifa - the world's tallest building

shutterstock 218533315

the world's slickest hand held smart phone

They Both Have Fairly Sizeable Bank Accounts


This is what a relationship between the two would probably look like

They Both Like To Break World Records

JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

That's the world's tallest hotel and the world's tallest building. Guinness World Records probably need to set up shop here at this stage!

They have both been lead by inspirational leaders


Steve Jobs, Apple's co-founder 1955 - 2011


His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai

They Both Like To Give Back


And they both know the skies the limit

Only they know what the future holds...

Head to Mall Of the Emirates tomorrow at 4 pm for a look. We can't wait to see the layout of the place!

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