The World's Most Expensive Perfume Was Just Launched In Dubai And It Costs A Whopping AED4.8Million

Prepare to feel poor, very poor!

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Love collective fragrances?

You’re going to need a cool few million dirhams if you want to invest in this new perfume, which was just launched at The Dubai Mall, courtesy ultra-luxe homegrown fragrance brand The Spirit of Dubai Parfums by Nabeel.

Dubbed as Shumukh (‘Spirit of Dubai’), it's the world’s most expensive perfume and costs a jaw-dropping AED4.752million ($1.295million), and it has already set tongues wagging.

It's a luxurious unisex fragrance that comes with a staggering price tag...but for good reason

With almost 494 perfume trials, the fragrance took about three years to be formulated.

Think that's a bit OTT? Listen to this...

The fragrance is set with over 3,500 sparkling diamonds (totaling 38.55 carats), topaz, pearls, two kgs of 18 karat gold and five kgs of pure silver.

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The bottle is 1.97 metres tall and the fragrance is comprised of some of the finest natural ingredients, including notes of amber, sandalwood, musk, rare pure Indian agarwood, pure Turkish rose, patchouli ylang-ylang and frankincense.

The fragrance is so potent, the creators of this perfume say that the scent could last on the skin for more than 12 hours and up to 30 days on fabric.

Shumukh can only be seen at The Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue as part of the mall’s ART+ series from Thursday March 14 until Saturday March 30.

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