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Zoe Saldana’s New IG Post Just Hinted At A Secret Project In Dubai With Some Clues Left Behind

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Dubai Twitter went kehhh-razy last week when photos of Kate Hudson, Zoe Saldana and Gwyneth Paltrow hangin‘ around the city were released.

The three went around old Dubai, and explored the artsy Al Fahidi Historical District, sometime before (or after) having been on an Abra.

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???#Dubai #uae

A post shared by Zoe Saldana (@zoesaldana) on

But many wondered about the trio’s reason for being here

Granted, Hollywood celebs are constantly flocking to Dubai to unwind, go out and experience that Khaleeji culture.

But we might have more to feed our minds with now that Zoe Saldana’s new Instagram post sort of hints at a new project in Dubai.

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Ready to fly… #dubai #vacation #secret project.

A post shared by Zoe Saldana (@zoesaldana) on

She inserts very cryptic hashtags (but also tagged a couple of accounts that might have just given it away, slightly)

#Vacation or #SecretProject?

Which one is it, Zoe? Either way, the photo of Guardians of the Galaxy star in the desert with a falcon, has also tagged ‘Visit Dubai.’

Could she be working on a promotional video of Dubai?

GASPS! Along with Kate Hudson and Gwyneth?! DOUBLE GASPS.

For now, only anticipation and deeper digging might help find the answer since no formal announcements have been made.

What a DREAM project- with three of Hollywood’s reigning stars!

You can see it too.

Or could it be for a Hollywood movie?

Naturally, Twitter has weighed in on the possibilities.

Screen Shot 2019 04 28 At 9 44 47 Am

‘Are you filming Dune?’

Screen Shot 2019 04 28 At 9 46 38 Am

Other Dubai residents are totes taking advantage of the moment

We would too.

Screen Shot 2019 04 28 At 9 45 06 Am

All of us in Dubai RN

Screen Shot 2019 04 28 At 9 45 31 Am

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