309 Disembark Emirates Flight In Mumbai After Technical Glitch En Route To Male

Updated: 10am 27th July 2016

Contrary to early reports, there wasn't an emergency evacuation, the plane landed safely and the passengers disembarked normally. Official statement. 

"Emirates can confirm that on 26 July 2016, flight EK652 from Dubai to Male was diverted to Mumbai due to a technical fault. The aircraft landed and passengers safely disembarked. The aircraft has been serviced and will continue its journey to Male with a six hour delay. Emirates apologises for the inconvenience. The health and safety of our crew and passengers is of paramount importance.” 

An Emirates flight from Dubai to Maldives was forced to land in Mumbai this afternoon, with Indian news agency ANI reporting that smoke was seen in the cockpit and cabin.

Passengers were evacuated as per emergency procedures. Luckily, all 309 people on board are reported safe.

On receiving the pilot's SOS to Air Traffic Controllers, the Indian Coast Guard rushed ships out on stand-by as a precautionary measure just in case the plane was not able to cross the sea to reach the international airport. In addition, ambulance and emergency services were also made available.

As per flightstats.com, the flight is currently en route to Male


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