Emirates Has Cut Loads Of US Flights Thanks To Trump's Travel Policies

The airline says it's due to 'decreased demand'


Emirates Airline has announced it will be reducing flights to the United States in response to a decreased demand connected with US president Donald Trump's travel policies. 

The airline released a statement outlining a reduction in flights to five of its United States destinations. 

The statement linked the decreased demand to the changes in visa policy, security procedures and restrictions on electronic devices in cabins. 

The changes will roll out monthly - with May 1 starting off with a reduction in Fort Lauderdale services

From May 23, Orlando flights will be cut from seven days per week to five days per week. 

Seattle will have flights once-daily instead of twice-daily from June 1. 

Boston will follow on June 2 with daily flights instead of twice-daily. 

On July 1, flights to Los Angeles will become daily flights, instead of twice-daily. 

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