Emirates Has Unveiled Its New Boeing 777 Interiors And They Look Absolutely Boss

Including VIRTUAL windows!

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Emirates has upgraded its Boeing 777s and has just unveiled the cabins. 

The planes will be home to the brand new first-class suites, that look ultra-luxe, and sprawl over 40sqf per cabin. 

The suites have floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, and are fully private. 

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The middle-aisle suites are designed with virtual windows

So all passengers flying first class will have an exterior view. The windows project the views from the exterior of the plane using real-time technology. 

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The multi-million dollar upgrade saw collaborations with Mercedes-Benz

From the leather seating - which is inspired by the Mercedes S-Class, to the control panels and mood lighting.

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For those of us not quite as lucky to fly first class, the business and economy areas were also upgraded 

Business class seating has new leather stitching, with new touch-screen controls for the inflight entertainment, personal mini-bars and personal lighting options. 

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For the economy passengers, the seating and entertainment is upgraded

The colour-scheme is now grey and blue, and the ergonomically-designed seating comes with leather headrests. 

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The ICE entertainment systems have been improved too 

WIth ultra-wide viewing angles, a capacitive touch-screen, LED backlight and full HD display. 

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