Should An Emirates Pilot Be Pulling Stunts Like This?

We hope you weren't on that plane!


This video of a plane flying scarily close to a helicopter was shot by the helicopter pilot as part of a promotional campaign by Emirates.

This kind of thing is meant to be totally safe provided it's planned correctly but apparently a bit of turbulence can throw things off...Hmm we're not sure how we feel about these kind of stunts taking place above the city...

We're also not sure how we feel about the pilot taking videos when HE'S MEANT TO BE FLYING THE HELICOPTER!

Is This More Emirates Marketing Gold?

A couple of weeks ago Emirates released a video featuring Jennifer Aniston which racked up over four million views on You Tube. I don't know about you but I was half hoping Ms. Aniston would appear in the video above. Since the above was just a short clip we have our fingers crossed she'll feature in the final edit.

In Case You Missed It

Here she is in the Emirates clip...the plane looks ridiculously cool, it's just a pity we can't all fly first class!

And Of Course Twitter Has Been Going Mental Since The Stunt

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