Lionel Messi Is Announced As The First Expo 2020 Ambassador

He joins 'Team Dubai'

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We're pretty chuffed to announce that football legend Lionel Messi has been announced as the first global ambassador for Dubai's World Expo 2020 event.

This is pretty cool news as the Argentine is one of the most influential players in football at the moment, so his alignment with our great Emirate is a perfect match. 

Reem Ibrahim Al Hashimi, director general of Dubai Expo 2020, said: "Expos are all about focusing attention on issues of global interest and global concern to help imagine a better future. What better way to do this than by recruiting allies among people who are already working towards better future outcomes?

"Lionel Messi's performances on the football pitch bring people together, and as a result his influence reaches far beyond it. He is the ideal person to be our first global ambassador.

"He is perfectly placed to reach out to young people around the world, bringing them together to join us as we work towards hosting our Expo in 2020." 

We couldn't have put it better ourselves. We look forward to seeing a lot more of Messi around Dubai!

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