10 Essential Unessentials Your Kitchen Needs Right Now

Your definitive guide to all the kitchen products you never knew you needed...

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With so many gadgets out there these days you'd have to be Ghandi himself to be able to resist their appeal.

Whether it's for your bedroom, garden or kitchen - you name it, there are just so many random products available to you. (Useful or useless; the jury is still out!)

Anyway, being all about food (and in an effort to help you on your quest to discover more things you never knew you needed) we're sharing a few essential unessentials we found on our wanderings around Dubai. All in order to help you to fully deck out your kitchen.

Rest assured, your friends will be well jel the next time they pop over for dinner.

1. An Avo-Masher

Because it's pretty hard to mash an Avocado, lets be honest.

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2. Dish up a curry with a twist

Round mounds of rice are so last decade.

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3. Gold fish tea

Because it's all the rage...somewhere


4. Cuz who doesn't love a cheesy-toasty

But who actually goes out and buys an actual cheese toasty maker?

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5. Hipster Coffee

Let's face it, these are impressive

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6. The name says it all

But if you don't feel like making sushi yourself read this

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7. A Tomato Slicer

Just so's you don't end up with any sloppy slices

20150912 194039

8. If you're on the egg white diet

You might be in need of a seperator. And a cute one too

20150912 194019

9. Sometimes a knife doesn't alway cut it

20150912 193906

10. We all remember Humpty Dumpty

and that story was traumatising

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