10 Foodie Items You Can Get For One Dirham Or Less

Happy Birthday UAE Dirham!

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This cupro-nickel coin turns 43 today and in celebration we thought we'd remind you of just how many cool things you can get for under one D. But first, we might as well give you a bit of a history lesson and tell you a few things you probably didn't know about the Dirham. 

The History behind the Dirham...

It gets its name from the Greek word ‘Drachmae’ which means handful and was only introduced in 1973. Before that, all the emirates used the Gulf Rupee as their official currency. And ever wondered what that pot-shaped emblem on it is? It represents the Dallah (Arabic coffee pot) which is a symbol of Arabian hospitality. It should explain why coffee, among other gestures, is a customary part of Arab-hosted gatherings.

So now that you tend to dismiss this spare change as clutter in your wallets, they actually fetch you quite a few things. 

Here’s what you can get for a Dirham (or less) today. 

(Disclaimer: price points vary at different supermarkets) 

1. A pack of Tiffany Creams

With coconut cream to give you that tropical feel.


2. A packet of ülker çubuk kraker

Simply called stick crackers in English.


3. A stack of Tiffany Glucose 

Biscuits you just can't go wrong with.


4. Nestlé's popular Milkybar

The creamy, sweet, milky, white chocolate treat.

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5. A little pack of Nestlé Toffo

It's actually produced in the UAE.

6. A can of Vimto 

Apparently quite a popular drink during Ramadan.


7. A McDonald's cone

Ice-cream cravings sorted!


8. Wrigley's Doublemint

The minty chewing gum we've tried to make bubbles with atleast once!

9. A bottle of Mai Dubai

That ONE thing that keeps us hydrated all summer.

10. Laban Up

Our fave yoghurt drink.

Laban Up

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