10 Tweets That Show Dubai Residents' Reaction To Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali's Death

May his soul rest in peace

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American boxer Muhammad Ali passed away in Phoenix, Arizona yesterday. While he was suffering from Parkinson's Disease, reports state that a respiratory illness complicated his condition. Over the years, the 74-year-old had been described as a champion, an inspiration and above all a LEGEND. Here's how Dubai reacted to the sad news. 

1. 'Ali was truly the GREATEST'


2. 'There are legends that impact the way you look at life...'


3. 'Muhammad Ali shook the world for the last time'


4. 'The death of a sports legend. May God grant him mercy'


5. 'The greatest is gone'


6. 'I remain honoured to have been in his presence'


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7. This Arabic tweet means: there is no shame in falling to the ground but in remaining there


8. 'Every tweet in the past two hours is about Muhammad Ali. Shows you how inspirational he was'


9. 'Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee'


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10. Advocacy isn't restricted to a particular category


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