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10 Types Of People You See At Dubai Brunches

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Dubai brunches… what’s not to love
about them? Great food, endless drinks and fancy hotels. What could
possibly go wrong? Well, maybe these people?

We’ve all seen them… now it’s
time to name them. Meet the 10 types of people you see at brunch
tables in Dubai:

The ones who are clearly on their holiday:

They are easy to spot: still drunk from last night, still surprised you can ski in a mall and sport elaborate sunburns.


There’s always one

The ones who want value for money

They arrive at 11:30pm and stockpile at 3.57pm


Making the most of their time

The ones who are still awake from the night before

Wait weren’t they tagged in that outfit last night?


Hats Off!

The ones who are there to Instagram their food

If it ain’t on Instagram, it didn’t happen.



The ones who throw up at the table, then in the bathroom, then in the taxi queue

Well maybe if they throw up they’ll have room for more!



The comedian who gets funnier and funnier with every drink

You want to turn their jokes into your own Facebook status then like it too!


and then you roll on the floor like nobody cares

The ones who will always remind you are paying too much

“That’s 2 AED per bite you know!”


How much is that again?

The ones who won’t shut up about their food allergies

Ok, ok we get it! You can’t eat dried raisins!


The Fragile one

The ones who will pile on the roast beef next to the fudge cake

Why make the journey twice?



The emotional ones

Those people will start hugging and kissing you and tell you how much they love you after the first Margarita


The Whiners

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