The ten types of people you'll see at a Dubai brunch

Do you recognise yourself or your mates in this brunch bunch?

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Dubai brunches… what’s not to love? Great food, endless drinks and fancy hotels all rolled into a day out with your favourite/random people. What could possibly go wrong? Well, maybe these people?

We’ve all seen them at your regular, buffet style brunches that are two a penny here in Dubai… now it’s time to name them. 

Meet the 10 types of people you'll probably see at a brunch table this weekend...

The tourists...

They're on their holibobs - yay! They're still drunk from the night before, they're still talking about how you can ski in a mall, they're sunburnt.


There's always one

The ones who want value for money...

They arrive at 11:30am and take their seats before the food is even laid out. Come 3.57pm, they've stockpiled at least 15 drinks each.


Making the most of their time

The ones who went out last night...

They'll mostly be playing with their food rather than eating it. They'll be playing with their cocktails rather than drinking them. Wait...weren't they tagged on Facebook in that outfit last night?


Hats Off!

The ones who are only there to Instagram their food

Because we all know, that if it ain’t on Instagram, it didn’t happen.



The ones who have had too much drink...two hours in

If you're sat next to them at this point..move away. Their future looks like this: vomit on table, vomit in the loos, vomit in the cab home...



The not-so-hot guy/girl who gets hotter and funnier with every drink

STEP AWAY! You've got your beer goggles on!


and then you roll on the floor like nobody cares

The ones who don't think you're eating enough...

"That's two dirhams per bite you know!” They'll remind you about how much you've paid every five minutes and insist you're wasting your money


How much is that again?

The ones with dietary requirements...

"It's just that I'm vegetarian and the options aren't that great and there's only pasta but it's not the cheesecake dairy-free?"


The Fragile one

The ones who put roast beef next to fudge cake on their plate

Why make the journey twice, hey?



The emotional ones...

They've had a full-on tough week at work, they need to release. Expect hugging and kissing and telling you how much they love you...after the first Margarita.


The Whiners

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