11 Cool Reasons To Check Out This New Downtown Hotel You Probably Haven't Heard About

It is the new kid on the block


The newest addition to Emaar's portfolio is the cultural-meets-modern Rove Downtown Dubai hotel located close to The Dubai Mall. A joint venture by Emaar and Meeras, the property has 420 rooms. The homegrown brand's philosophy is pretty simple: fuss-free hospitality at an affordable price tag. Just what a modern traveler needs!

Here are 11 reasons why it's worth visiting...

1. The walls feature vintage photographs, illustrations and installations

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2. Bedroom goals

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3. You can chill out in the cosy little corners

4. Check out the walls

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5. Quite an inspiring meeting room

6. Their lamps look like this

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7. Keeping tradition alive

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8. The door tag pretty much sums up your stay

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9. Love the details

10. You can work from this quirky tech hub

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11. Or use a coin-operated laundry

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