11 Foods That Will Scare The Living Daylights Out Of You This Halloween

Apparently they taste good...we reckon you try them first!

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Halloween is just around the corner and we are beyond excited. No other time of year gives you the excuse to go banging on peoples doors demanding candy. Seriously, whoever invented trick or treating deserves some sort of prize.

We admit some Halloween treats border on being a bit boring (monkey nuts anyone?) but some are just down right gruesome!

Here's a few that might just freak you out!

If you can stomach looking at it

This cake is actually a Red Velvet Cake with Raspberry Roulade and it tastes delicious!!


Photo credit: Siobhan Schnittger, Culinary Queen!

These finger-dogs are super easy to make

And also an excuse to pile on loads of ketchup!!


Photo credit: Reasons to skip the house work

There's definitely no shortage of dates in Dubai

So there's no excuse to NOT make these little creatures!


Eating a poisoned apple a day...

(definitely will not) keep the doctor at bay.



Serve your left over pumpkin in a Cauldron for added effect

A tasty way to use up your Pumpkin guts once you've finished carving it!


Paleo friendly devilish eyeballs!

Who said Halloween wasn't a healthy holiday?! (Eh...us! Pass us the good stuff!)


If you have the time these are terrifying!

Mushroom skulls anyone?


Freaky nachos and guac?

Ideal for any Halloween Party!


Meat loaf anyone?!

We might just stick to the mash on the side...


Another very realistic looking Red Velvet Cake!

The butchers knife is a great addition


Finger Food!

Anyone remember Sweeney Todd?!


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