11 Things That Make Every Dubai Resident Foam At The Mouth

You've experienced this before

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While we're generally quite a tolerant bunch of people, there are some things that really drive us up the wall. We're pretty sure you have those moments too. We might decide to laugh them off, but inside all we want to do is scream out loud and get our point across. 

Here are just ten of them!

1. That CRAZY driver tailing you on Sheikh Zayed Road and making you pray for your life


2. Being addressed as TWO things at ONE time...ERMM


3. New day, new road. Sometimes GPS can't keep up


4. Trying to find a taxi at peak hour (or any other hour)


5. The degree of frustration you feel varies with each hair type. Winter, where are you?


6. For those who are ALWAYS "2 minutes away"


7. When your area / street gets a new name and your gang isn't aware

Best get used to it – Tecom aint Tecom any more.


8. No! Calling me habibi or habibti does NOT mean you speak Arabic


9. Valet issues especially if your ride isn't fancy enough


10. Been there, done that (read: complains but still queues up)


11. Then there's those people who think queues don't even apply to them.

Who do you think you are, damn you! Unless you're elderly, an invalid or injured (or anything similar) you have no excuse.

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