11 Things You Learn The Hard Way Living In Dubai

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We will all raise our hands to admit that life here ain't all that tough. For what ever reason, things generally seem to run quite smoothly here.

But (and there's always a but) lets face it, no city is perfect and of course there are a few things in Dubai that could move a little faster. These are the things that we've learned, through experience, you're better off avoiding or things it's good to be aware of.

These are the nitty-gritty things, that only real locals will come to recognize as Dubai problems. Got any to add? Let us know in the comments.

1. Going to Dubai Mall on a Friday

And trying to get a reservation outside by the fountains


2. Suddenly becoming tour guide for anyone that comes to visit

How many times have you visited the Burj now?


3. Trying to find a cab between 6-7 PM


4. Attending a public party at Nasimi beach


5. Spliting the bill at the bar for “convenience” sake


6. Giving your digits to property sales men...


7. Arriving at the new Vox cinema without pre-booking a ticket

Em, how were you expecting to get in dude?


you'll learn

8. Missing the last SZR to AD exit


Not again!

9. Hearing about Du and Etisalat deals and then going in search of more affordable options


10. Thinking that getting a taxi home from Dubai Mall is the fast option

...until you see the queue


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11. Arriving at a 'brunch' expecting a particularly large breakfast


Don't worry...it's happened to the best of us

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