11 Tweets That Show What Dubai People Are Saying About The New GOT Episode

It came out last night

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The VERY much anticipated (ok, ok, they all are) new episode of  Game Of Thrones was released last night in the US, early morning Dubai time, and Twitter is flooded with fans' opinions of what happened in the ep. It seems that emotions were definitely running high and a lot of tears of joy were shed! 

Find out below what Dubai folk are saying about the latest instalment of quite possible the best tv series of all time...

Spoiler Alert

Don't say you weren't warned.

A few people who are simply happy it's Monday

A lot of the emotion surrounds the re-union of Jon Snow and Sansa

Who knew anyone liked Ramsey?!

The Mother Of Dragons is back

And a few from the rest of the world...


Hear Hear

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