12 Reasons Why We Love The Rain In Dubai

Find out when you can expect rain...over the next couple of days


So, the rain is on it's way back AGAIN! Expect showers at about 10pm tonight (Monday) and then again around 1pm tomorrow afternoon. Neither spell should last long but it's good to know incase you have an al fresco meal planned or a day at the beach. 

We are getting a bit tired of the rain and all the talk about the downpours, but it's not all bad. Here's the reasons we love it when it rains in Dubai...

1. It gives us an excuse to use our windscreen wipers

Although the dust can be a bit of an issue


2. We can use new hashtags on Instagram

#DubaiRain #RaininginDubai #LovinDubai

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3. We can use umbrellas for the actual reason they were invented

And not to protect you from the sun

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4. Anyone who's ever thought it's okay to wear crocs

We'll be telling you "I told you so"


5. We can save on the old DEWA

No need for the sprinklers tonight my friend!


6. Netflix and erm...chill anyone?

Sorry. Can't go outside. It's raining


7. For the teachers of Dubai...who's in the mood for a half day?!


lucky sods

8. We can break out the winter woolies!

Winter is here


9. There's nothing like a change in scenery

Wait a sec, why is the sky not blue?

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10. Nothing beats that feeling when you're running in the rain

It's a foolproof way to cool down

shutterstock 134462645

11. Better yet, dancing in the rain

12. We can finally use that pac-a-mac we've had in our wardrobe for the last six years


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