13 Reasons The Dubai Humidity Will Ruin Your Life This Summer

Sweat, sweat sweat...repeat!

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Oh yes, the times of dripping brows and (dare we say it)...chaffing are upon us, and it's all thanks to our dear friend: humidity. 

Get ready to sweat it out as humidity will average at about 90% in the hottest months of the summer. Which, basically means we'll be covered in sweat patches for three months solid, and we can say goodbye to wearing dark colours for the foreseeable future.

Humidity sucks and here are they reasons why...

1. You'll sweat in places you never knew you could

Behind the ear? Check! Between your toes? Check! 

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2. Styling your hair? Forget it.

Love to straighten your 'do or are you a fan of a good blow dry? Well, forget it this summer buddy, humidity has other plans for your barnet, and it involves frizz, frizz and more frizz.

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3. Any glasses wearers can look forward to a whole lot of this...

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4. The entire population will sport a permanent thin line of upper-lip sweat

Invest in a flannel to keep with you at all times.

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5. Brunch will be tainted as you'll spend your time worrying whether you're leaving a sweaty-bum-stain behind you on the seat

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6. You'll never manage to get the AC temp right

One leg inside the duvet, the other dangling over the edge of the bed...however you're sleeping, you won't get comfortable.

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7. Eating outside (even at night) will be a forced, unpleasant experience that's fun for no one 

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8. Your deodorant spend per month will be off the charts

Spend a minute or two in that heat and you'll be sweating out of your ears. A spare deo in your bag, at work or your back pocket....all practical investments. 

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9. Your roommates will be confused when you return home from your evening run

Bro, did you go swimming?

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10. Your car will no longer be a respite from the heat 

Your vehicle has morphed from a transport apparatus into your own personal sauna, and your AC has taken to emitting hot air...great. 


11. Putting on makeup will be a total waste of time

Unless you like it trickling down your face. Makeup for the ladies, tinted moisturiser for the lads (don't be shy, we know your tricks) will do nothing more than leave ugly brown smudge marks on your sparkling white summer tee. 

Clever Tricks To Tackle Summer Sweat And Shine Via Fashionista Com

12. You're guaranteed to bump into someone you know looking like a hot, sweaty mess

How are other people containing the sweat?!

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13. Your pooch hates the humidity too 

Think we have it bad? Imagine the poor canines who have A LOT more hair than we do...

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Bulldog On Ice

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