13 Signs That Prove You're A True Dubai Marina Resident

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There's something, other than geographical area, that divides those who live in Downtown and those that live in Dubai Marina.

Perhaps it's the distinct choices or way of life? Not to say that the ones in Downtown aren’t particularly set in their ways. But anyway, here are some things that are typical to Dubai Marina residents.

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1. A great 'night out' is most often at Pier 7


2. Your work place is generally Media or Internet City

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3. Your kids probably go to GEMS Wellington International School

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4. Grocery shopping means Waitrose

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5. Weekends are spent at JBR 

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6. Catching up with mates in Downtown is a nightmare

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7. Anything past Trade Centre roundabout (read: Deira or Bur Dubai) is an adventure of sorts


8. The tram is the best bit of Dubai Marina

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9. Friday brunches and ladies nights practically happen in your backyard

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10. You get taxis for super short distances 

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11. Your idea of watersports is people on a canoe on the marina

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12. Your gym, outdoor running, beach, cinema, night out and boat cruise all fall in a 1km radius

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13. When a 15-minute drive is real hard work

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