14 Desserts That Will Change Your Life

For the better, obvs


It doesn't take much to make us happy. We're serious! 

All we need is a GOOD dessert. Spongy or firm, chocolate or vanilla, in a glass or in a bowl...it doesn't matter. It should just be oozing goodness. That's all that counts. Thankfully, Dubai has loads of them.

These are the 15 that deserve a mention.

1. Catch

Hit me cake

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2. Firebird Diner

Molten cake

3. Molten ME

French toast

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4. Cocoa Room


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5. Switch Restaurant and Lounge

Lotus cheesecake

6. Serendipity 3


7. Ice Lab 

Sushi crepe

8. Fume 

Monster shake

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9. The Scene

Blueberry cheesecake ice-cream sundae

10. Home Bakery

Chewy melt sandwich

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11. Cioccolatitaliani

Ice-cream, chocolate sauce, cream

12. Criollo Chocolate Cafe 

Ice-cream burger

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13. Gossip Cafe & Desserts

Lotus French toast

14. California Pizza Kitchen

Banana brownie with ice-cream

Written By

Naina Shahani

Born and brought up in Dubai, Naina is a trained reflexologist who loves gastronomic adventures, genuine people and green tea. When not writing, she splits her time between finding different places to eat at and perfecting her Instagram shots.