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15 Reasons Your Family And Friends Should Move To Dubai In 2016

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With a massive expat population here in Dubai, most of us are apart from our families for large chunks of the year…cue the playing of the world’s smallest violin.

So if, like us, you’re trying to convince a sibling, a cousin or maybe even a parent of the benefits of living here, go ahead and share this article with them. You’ve probably already boasted that Dubai is tax-free, that the weather is rather lovely, and that it’s got some of the best malls, sports facilities and restaurants in the world, but if that hasn’t worked (even though at this stage we reckon they might have a screw loose) then this list should do the trick…

1. You can go camping to places like this every weekend if you want…

Dubai  is such a cosmopolitan city you will be forgiven for not realising we are surrounded by an awesome desert landscape. We have absolutely perfect camping weather nine months of the year too. Best of all the beautiful Liwa Oasis is just a few hours drive away.

2. Your can jump up the career ladder quickly…

Nothing worth having comes easy but hard work really pays off in Dubai. Many large Global companies are younger than in big cites like London and New York, so your talent is likely to be spotted quickly and rewarded. New opportunities come up frequently as Dubai grows and your employers let you grow with them.

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3. It’s got an education system to suit everyone…

Yep, we know planning for the future is no fun but, whether or not you have kiddies, the schooling system may be something you need to consider. Schools in Dubai cater for a wide range of international curricula, from the Indian CBSE system, as well as British and American systems. Dubai also boasts many universities including sister universities to foreign accredited names including The American University in Dubai and The Middlesex University in Dubai.

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4. It’s a city steeped in culture…

Forget the big malls and stunning beaches, Dubai has a rich culture at heart that the locals are fiercely proud of. In Old Dubai you will recognise the history of Dubai in it’s architecture, food, attire and the lifestyles of it’s inhabitants. An Abra (traditional wooden boat) still transports commuters across the creek and will cost you just AED 1 for the ride; this is a less publicised but truly wonderful part of Dubai.

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5. The weather is pretty stable…

Sure, we complain about the heat in summer or the odd sandstorm here and there, but when you think of some natural disasters that have hit different parts of the world, Dubai is a pretty safe spot to be in. 

6. Home care for the kiddies is very affordable…

Need someone to help look after the kids? Childcare in the UAE is really cheap in comparison with other countries, and rather than sending the little ones into daycare, having a nanny look after them at home is a very feasible option too. 

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7. It’s a foodie’s paradise…

We may be biased but most will agree that the food scene here is absolutely amazing. With over 7,000 restaurants, (over ten which boast a Michelin starred chef) and prices to to suit all budgets; Dubai is one of the food hotspots of the world. 

8. You can take day trips to places like this…


Jebel Jais – UAE’s highest peak

Abu Dhabi

9. Making friends is easy (and no we’re not talking about Tinder)

Because most of us didn’t grow up here, it basically means that we probably have less friends here than we do at home…and therefore are more open to meeting new people and trying new things. We’re not saying that you’ll meet your BFF at 6pm on the Metro, but once you start getting involved in local clubs it’s pretty easy to start meeting new people.

Tumblr Mjxgaj Uqpn1rgszxco1 500 Zpsa2230334

10. The Metro system is straightforward…

Trains run frequently and in comparison with other top cities ticket prices are very reasonable. As transport systems go this one does pretty well.


11. There’s no end to the number of great concerts going on…

Musicians love to preform here (this has obviously got nothing to do with the big pay cheque they see at the end of the day), and there is a constant stream of top class artists performing every weekend. If you move to Dubai you’ll never be short of good gigs to attend.

That Good Dubai Martin Garrix Cover

Martin Garrix

Take  That 1 533x300

Take That

12. The beaches are stunning…

You will enjoy free access to clean, safe beaches all along the cities coastline. Not bad eh?

Shutterstock 134051516

13.  You will feel safe here…

Dubai has a consistently low crime rate in comparison with other cities of similar size. As a major tourist destination and economic centre for the region, the Government actively promotes safety and security and is committed to maintaining a safe environment for residents.

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14. You’ll find stuff in the markets here that you won’t find at home…

When people think of Dubai they immediately think of mega-malls and world class shopping, and while Dubai has all that (and lots of it), it also has a great market scene where you can pick up spices and traditional clothing (just be prepared to haggle).

Shutterstock 129132983 1

15. It’s tax free (we thought you may need a little reminder about this one)

Think long and hard about this and how great it would be if taxes weren’t deducted from your salary monthly. It’s pretty great to be honest.

Not convinced yet? Come and see for yourself. Dubai is pretty much the centre of the world (not that we’re not biased), and flights are not that hard to come by. No excuses… see you soon!

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