16 Things You Will Relate To If You Grew Up In Dubai

Remember all the happy times at Thunder Bowl Center?

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There is something so unique about growing up in a city like Dubai. If you grew up here then you must relate to at least one or two of these things:

1. Your language is a mix of English, Arabic, Urdu and Indian

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For you this sentence makes perfect sense “go sida please, mashkoor”.​​

2. Flirting meant writing your number on a piece of paper then sticking it on your dashboard while cruising down Jumeirah road


3. You know it’s OKAY to have your own personal nanny at 0 years old

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And it’s still ok to have your lunch box prepared by the nanny at 35 years old​​

4. You get super happy about buying expired Shani juice, Canada Dry and Aladdin crisps for AED 5 from the local “baqala”

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And throwing a party for the kids in the neighborhood for another AED 5​

5. Buying a Magnum... mostly because it was “the most expensive one”

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Then proudly and slowly lick it in front of the other kids like a boss​​

6. You loved imitating Captain Majid’s impossible football moves and tactics with your friends

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And speaking in classical Arabic while doing so​​

7. Playing Atari was all you wanted to do during summer breaks

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and treating the computer like personal enemy no. 1 if it beat you

8. You know that throwing “TNT Pop-Its" in the school yard would make you 'Most Wanted' on the principle’s black list

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9. Al Nasr Leisure Club was your one stop shop for birthdays, parties, skating, flirting and general mischief

9 1

oh take us back!

10. Hardees and Pizza Hut were where you held your birthday parties


these kids today and their cinema parties...we totally had it better!

11. Speaking broken English becomes one of your many acquired talents


“Why you no have same same?”

12. You feel claustrophobic in roads less than three lanes wide

12 1

I’m from Dubai!! Get me out of here!

13. You're well used to when your glasses fog up when you step outside


In any other country, that will make you curse!

14. Saying “can’t wait for winter to go the beach” made perfect sense (and still does)


Better get my body beach ready before December

15. You are no longer impressed by running into Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities in the mall


I’m so sick of seeing Shahrukh Khan at Deira City Centre

16. Being half British, quarter Emirati, quarter Persian with a hint of third generation Syrian is perfectly normal


I get identity crises every World Cup season

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