17 Reasons NOT To Live In Dubai Marina

Sometimes, life in the Marina isn't all it's cracked up to be...

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The Marina: home to the world's most luxurious apartments, best new restaurants and swankiest hotels... but here at the Lovin office, we're not sure it lives up to the hype (we're perfectly qualified because most of us have lived there at one stage or another).

Below are 17 reasons NOT to live in the Marina. If you've got anymore - or would like to tell us why the marina is sooo great - get in touch!

1. Trying to get a taxi is a nightmare

Particularly when you're all dressed up for brunch.


2. It's always rush hour in the marina

You're seriously trying to get from A to B at 6pm? HA.


3. Fantasies of a sea view are usually just that

marina lovin edit

At least the buildings are pretty

4. The Waitrose queue is longer than the one at Etisalat...

And the empty checkouts do nothing to calm your frustration.


open. the. next. till.

5. ...but the big Carrefour is just a little too far away

(It's not really that far, but you're scared of being sucked into a traffic-shaped hole - never to be seen again)

6. You're always expected to host the house parties

...but let's face it, you're delighted you never have to leave the house.

7. It's impossible to take a quiet walk along the Marina...

You WILL be interrupted by a selfie stick to the face from some eager tourists.


Get out of the waayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

8. You'll never get used to those pedal karts that tourists keep renting

You wouldn't use one at home, why do you insist on using one here?


9. The tram is more confusing than it looks

And you'll probably go the wrong way at least once.

10. It's not Karama, and it's not OK to ask for a discount here

But give it a go for a laugh, we dare you.


11. The traffic lights hold the record for the world's longest wait time

This is not yet a verified fact, but we've lost good people in the vain quest to find out.


How's the wait time looking this time Steve?...Steve?

12. Parking spaces are things of myth and legend

"Even below ground?" It's just not gonna happen my friend.


Just keep on driving, buddy

13. Half of your pay cheque goes on rent

And you still live in fear of bed bugs.

14. There are no schools in the area

Although we won't judge you for secretly thinking this is great.


You're like a kid trying not to smile in class now aren't you?

15. Most buildings don't allow pets, but someone always has one

or 10.


16. Shark infested waters

Seriously, this is now a genuine concern. Although apparently he's now fin-ished his Marina tour (sorry, couldn't resist).

17. The never ending construction work

Did you seriously think it'd be over by 2020? Well, we've got some news.


Written By

Casey Fitzgerald

Outside of writing for Lovin Dubai, you'll find Casey inhaling hummus, making a constant stream of terrible puns and running around in circles.