30 Reasons We Love Emirates!

Because no one likes turning 30 so we're looking on the bright side!


Let's face it, no one likes turning 30, so for Emirates we've decided to look at the positives! Here are 30 reasons we love Emirates.

1. They're proud sponsors of the Rugby World Cup 2015

We're going rugby mad here recently so anyone sponsoring the cup is a friend of ours!


2. Their economy class actually has plenty of leg room!

Unlike other airlines you can actually get a comfortable snooze in Emirates seats.


3. They keep you updated regularly...

Even the most relaxed flyer likes to know what's going on

4. #BeingThere

Their globalists inspire you to travel the world!

5. Their website is idiot proof

You don't want to end up on a flight to Dubrovnik instead of Dubai do you? Luckily the Emirates website is super easy to use so you won't have that problem!


6. They have a cracking sense of humour

We loved this video they released earlier this month!

7. And remember this one from last year?


8. Emirates are Green focused

They spend a lot of time and money to ensure their flights are as environmentally as possible

9. They're always happy to give an upgrade!

Not all airlines are as nice!

10. Their food is always tasty

And that's coming from a renowned Chef!

11. The blankets

They're very cosy and actually keep you warm!... And ours looks great on the sofa at home (joking we definitely never stole one).

12. You can pretty much fly anywhere in the world

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13. Top notch service and it's always done with a smile!

14. They have a really slick entertainment system

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15. They are the worlds largest Airbus A380 operator

16. Flying Emirates beats going to the cinema any day

They always have a great selection of movies that updates every month


17. The crew are always up for a laugh!

18. The best customer service

Pre or post flight, the staff are always happy to help out with any queries you may have

19. They've won more awards than Angelina Jolie

Emirates were announced as last years Aviation Company of the Year!


20. There are always amazing competitions on offer

21. They actually know how to use Twitter

And always reply to their customers!

22. There's always loads of special offers


23. You never know who you might run into on an Emirates flight

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24. The Wifi works better 10,000 feet up than down here sometimes!

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25. They're really child friendly


26. Committed to sustainability

"Our unique eco-tourism projects in Dubai and Australia exemplify our commitment to sustainability "

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27. They're Instagram page is on point

Check out @Emirates for a look!

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28. How cool does this look?!

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29. Their drink selection is pretty substantial

...And you don't have to leave your seat to get one!

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30. This dessert

Okay you've got to be business class to get this bad boy but for plane food, their standards are ridiculously high!


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