4 Things To Avoid If You Want A Good Uber Rating

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Let's face it, we are all (highly) dependent on Uber. And not just here, but even on our travels around the world. And why not? It's convenient to use, you know when your vehicle will arrive and you're pretty sure your driver will be on his best behaviour (in fear of being rated). But, there's some not-so-good news for troublesome passengers. The driver can now rate you too. So, if you want to keep your records clean, steer away from the following.

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1. Don't leave destination details to the last minute

In this city where roads are given new names each day, it's best to add the pick-up address before time. Or else, make sure you pin the right spot. Nobody appreciates going round in circles.


2. Don't beg the driver to fit in more friends

It's a vehicle, not a dance floor. If you're not sure of the capacity, count the number of seat belts in the car. It should give you a clear indication!


3. Don't take your own sweet time

Being late isn't as fashionable as you think. If you need the extra few minutes to suit up or powder yourself, call the driver (via the app) and keep him informed.


4. Don't be a nuisance 

Before you get into the car, ensure it's the one that's assigned to you. Once in there, refrain from bothering the driver. For a change carry your own tissues, mobile charger and bottle of water.


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