5 Reasons Why We're Already Dreaming About The End Of Summer

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This might possibly be premature but the heat is overwhelming and we're already wishing the summer months away. 

Why? Because we love being outdoors! Roll on the cooler months, we can't wait! Here are five of the things we're looking forward to most...

1. We can start to hit up the new theme parks that are coming to the UAE

Starting with IMG World of Adventure. The $1 billion dollar park (it's actually temperature controlled so you don't need to worry about the weather) opens August 15th. A general ticket will set you back AED 300 and grant access to over 20 signature rides...we're particularly nervous about the Haunted House, it's a scary house with a minimum age entry of 15 years, so you KNOW it's going to be a creepy one.

Get tickets and more info her

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2. We can (comfortably) visit our favourite beaches again

A little while ago we listed the best free beaches in Dubai..and since it's NEARLY relevant here is the list again. You'd be surprised how many of these you may not know about. We're loving Al Mamza right now, Saturday night BBQ anyone?

Screenshot 2016 07 04 At 8 16 24 Pm

3. We can eat dinner outside (without the side of sweat)

Dubai's best, most scenic restaurants all have outdoor seating...and we're constantly teased during the summer months when we can't make use of them. We literally can't wait to sit outside and watch the sunset with a glass of grape. Take a look at our favourite al fresco dining options here.

Screenshot 2016 04 23 20 46 49

pic cred: joannacheezburger.com

4. We will stop using the heat as an excuse not to exercise

Anyone else?? It's too easy to put off working-out in the heat, at least come September there'll be no more excuses, and most team sports start back then too...so if you're feeling particularly adventurous you could try taking up something new.

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5. We will finally get to visit the Dubai Frame

Maybe. Original completion date was due before the end of November. Now we're told the completion date will be 'within 2016'. We're waiting patiently...

Dubai Frame

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