6 Things You HAVE To Do This Weekend

We tried not to mention the Rugby...

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After a long wait, the Rugby World Cup is finally upon us (almost) and most of us fans pretty much know exactly what we'll be doing this weekend.

For any non-rugby buffs, however, you might just be stuck for stuff to do. Here's a few non-rugby related things going on this weekend...

(We may have snuck in one rugby point, apologies...couldn't resist!)

1. Dubai Gladiators Challenge

If you're the competitive sort, this may just be the opportunity you want to show off your guns. If you're not the fighting type, feel free to watch to your hearts content or just bounce away on the kids bouncing castle. Tickets are free for all spectators so it's pretty much a win-win situation


2. If you're up for a laugh

Make sure you make an appearance at Desi Laughs this weekend, it promises to have you wetting your seat with pure 100% amusement.


3. Be Social

The brand new Marina Social Restaurant has just opened it's doors. This place will be sure to liven up your Friday or Saturday night. Perfect for date night.


4. Calling all dance enthusiasts

Dubai's International Dance Festival is on this weekend and it will be featuring everything from live workshops and performances to parties and dance competitions. There'll be plenty of well known dance companies and groups so who knows...you might just get spotted!


5. Let the games begin

England vs Fiji! The Rugby World Cup has finally arrived and our adrenaline is already pumping! Check out our guide of the best venues to watch the game!


6. Kick off at Lafayette Gourmet Food Fest

For all you food fans out there (pretty much the whole of Dubai), the Lafayette Gourmet fourth annual food fest will be on this weekend and we are salivating at the thought.


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