7 Best Foods To Have Delivered While You're Watching The GOT Finale Tonight

All you need to do is open the front door


Everything will come to a temporary halt when we all settle down to watch  the season 6 finale of Games of Thrones airs tonight, which aired on US telly last night. We understand that you will be glued to the television (and so will we), that's why we've tried to make life easy for you. Here's everything you can eat without having to get off your couch. Don't thank us, thank Deliveroo - these are the guys bringing you your food.

1. Hot dog, The Hot Dog Stand

What yummier thing to munch on when sat on a couch than a Mexican Angus beef hot dog loaded with guacamole, salsa sauce, sour cream and jalapeno? It would be criminal to have it without a side of ziggy fries.

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2. Pizza, Freedom Pizza

There's no need to feel guilty about having a box of pizza in your hand while you watch GOT. And definitely not when the pizza in question is the just-too-good gluten-free Beetnik one! Think delicious and healthy toppings such as organic beetroot, fennel, spring onion and caramelised onions on a skinny (or regular) base. 

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3. Pad Thai, Busaba Eathai

We're not talking messy curries, but a box of delish pad Thai. The portion of stir fry rice noodles is best enjoyed with a dash of lime.

4. Quesadillas, Taqado Mexican Kitchen

In most cases nachos and guacamole would do the trick, but moments like these deserve a more satisfying meal. Opt for their quesadillas. The grilled flatbread stuffed with cheese won't disappoint.  

5. Chicken wings, Original Wings and Ring

You can't go wrong with an order of wings - be it Buffalo, roasted garlic, sweet BBQ or sweet chilli - topped with blue cheese or ranch dressing. Handy to have hops as well.

6. Shawarma, S'wich Gourmet Shawarmas

Not just a shawarma, but a gourmet one. What you get is duck, lettuce, onions and garlic fig paste wrapped in white saj. You might not go back to a regular shawarma after this one!

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7. Burger, Retro Feasts

It doesn't get better than a good ol burger and if there's someone who will make you a good one, it's these guys. The coronation chicken burger, essentially grilled chicken breast with curried mango mayo and an iceberg wedge, will keep you going through the episode.

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