Here Are 7 Dubai Spots To AVOID On A First Tinder Date

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The Dubai dating scene is pretty happenin' and dates - first dates in particular - are the epicentre of all the fun and excitement...which is probably why our post 'six perfect places for a first date' got such an huge response.

Most of the places we suggest, however, are romantic hot spots, and since 90%* of first dates in this city come from Tinder (*we made this up), our super romantic dinner suggestions like Pierchic and Sho Cho suddenly don't seem quite so suitable.

Anyway, as we all know, the venue of the date sets the tone for the evening, so it's important you choose wisely. To help you on your merry way, here are seven spots you should totally avoid on a first Tinder date. 

1. The Cheesecake Factory

You go to the Cheesecake Factory to eat more than your weight in cake...This is not something most potential partners will be impressed by on a first date. 

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2. ANY ladies night

Do we really need to explain this one? Guys are going for a cheap date, while girls will probably drink too much (and become a cheap date). Avoid. 

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3. Atmosphere at the Burj Khalifa

An absolute GEM of a bar, especially if you've got visitors, but for a first Tinder date? This is probably too pricey, and the awkward levels will hit the roof when neither of you want to pick up the tab at the end of the evening. 

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4. Mc Gettigan's / Kickers / Girders (Read: Any Sports Bar)

Why? Because the likelihood of one (or both) of you being distracted by what's going on on the big screens is high. Avoid any match-watching temptation; go to a lounge bar instead. 

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5. Rock Bottoms - Tecom/Barsha Heights

Rock Bottoms may have a special place in our hearts, but it's certainly not the way to our heart. A date here probably means you're looking for a good time, (on the dance floor) because this is not the place to meet The One. 

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6. Escape Quest - JLT

Escape Quest - where you're locked into a room for sixty minutes, and early release is only possible if you manage to solve the clues (without Google)...Locked up with a complete stranger? Things could either go really well, or horribly wrong. 

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7. Pierchic - Al Qasr

This uber-romantic spot actually boasts about the number of proposals that happen on it's decking, so unless you're hearing wedding bells, we reckon you should steer well clear of this spot. 


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