7 Instagram Foodie Accounts It's A Crime Not To Follow

These will have you drooling... and dreaming of dinner time


Who doesn't love a bit of Instagram? It's the perfect time-killer, scrolling through endless pictures of food, cats in hats, cute puppies and well, even more food.

Yep, we love looking at the food pics. And, we're not picky: breakfast food, chocolate food, healthy food...we just want to stare at it all day and dream about smashing our faces into it.

So, let us share the food love in an attempt to help the hours until dinner move a little quicker. We've rounded up some of the best Dubai-based food accounts on Instagram. All you need to do is follow them and get scrolling... and salivating.

If you need something to get you out of bed

Fraiche's Insta account will wake your tummy up in no time and have you wanting one of these champion breakfasts EVERY SINGLE DAY. Expect to see some of the most exquisite and detailed coffee art around as well copious numbers of eggs on everything from English muffins to Steak! (Watch out: The banana bread is addictive)

If you want a full-scale art exhibition

When it comes to food art, Karen of Secret Squirrel has absolutely nailed it. Her pictures are so creative and beautiful they're more suited to the Al Serkal art galleries than your Instagram scroll. From fabulous fruit concoctions to pretty salads and cute snacks, Secret Squirrel is the place for colourful, healthy and gorgeous grub.

The one that will leave you hungry

The Surf Cafe has one of the most varied Insta accounts around and we can vouch for the fact that the food tastes just as good as it looks! You can count on this Insta page to get your gastric juices flowing breakfast through to lunch. Also, they've succeeded where so many others have failed: making fish look truly beautiful. You'll want to get down there to fill your face sharpish, while you're there, make sure to try the sushi.

If you're feeling healthy

These two ladies are both dieticians by day and dedicated foodies by night, documenting their food trials and testimonials on their Instagram account. Their finger is definitely on the pulse of the healthy food scene and the latest culinary trends. Follow Keep Eat Real for some DIY food creations and plenty of eggs on avo.

The meat lover's paradise

The Gaucho Dubai account is ideal for anyone who loves steak so much they can't look at a cow without salivating. If you ever find yourself craving a roast dinner...you'll be glued to this Instagram feed until the, erm, cows come home.

A post shared by Gaucho Dubai (@gauchodubai) on

A post shared by Gaucho Dubai (@gauchodubai) on

If you need inspiration before lunch

If you live or work anywhere near JLT, the Friends Avenue Insta page will have you off your seat and running to the cafe in minutes. These guys put a lot of care into their pictures but with such photogenic (and delicious) food on offer, it's probably not too hard. Their mini-masterpieces cover their epic lunch options, everything from stir fry, sarnies, salads and shakes. (Be sure to check out breakfast too).

The one that will blow you away

Dip n Dip. We've said it before and we'll say it again. These guys take food porn to a WHOLE. NEW. LEVEL. Just look at that molten chocolate mess oozing all about the place. Pancakes with chocolate, crepes in chocolate, chocolate cookies, waffles with chocolate, fruit dipped in chocolate, you get the gist.

A post shared by dipndip (@dipndip) on

A post shared by dipndip (@dipndip) on

A post shared by dipndip (@dipndip) on

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