8 Annoying Things About Restaurants In Dubai

Everything is fine until this happens!

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Menus that don't include prices

I’d like to know if that crab leg will force me to survive on bread and butter for the rest of the month or not!


Menu's with ingredients I don't know how to pronounce

Am I just not fancy enough to know what an “Agar-agar infused acai pudding” is?


Menus that don’t explain the dish

How can I order a “Desert Donkey” or “Machlee Bohar” IF I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S IN IT?!

Strange greetings

Unless I grow a mustache and chest hair I don’t want to be greeted with “Hello Ma’am Sir”!


Mandatory loud music

Why do I have to listen to a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” on full blast while I’m trying to enjoy my lazy brunch?


Waiters hovering over you or completely ignoring you

How many times do you shout “Hello? Can I get the cheque please?” to no avail? Or hear “how’s your food?” like 10 times while you are still eating? Believe me the taste hasn’t changed since the last time you asked me.


Clearing the dishes before you are done

Unless you see me licking the plate or draining the last drop of my juice then no thanks, I don’t want you to clear my food.


Sample food on huge plates

Please don’t insult my stomach by placing a tiny piece of mushroom on a gigantic UFO! I like both my plate and my portion extra large please ☺

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