The Top 9 Reasons Why It's Stupidly Hard To Drive Here

For a city built on one straight road, you'd think driving would be a bit more simple

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From an outsider's perspective, the roads here seem incredible. Particularly with a large multi-lane highway running from one end of the city to the other, pretty much brand new, with not a pothole in what makes driving here so bloody hard?

After speaking to many a disgruntled driver, however, it seems people have a fair few issues with driving in Dubai. Here are the top 9 reasons why driving here is so damn difficult:

1. Some drivers don't realise that indicators have a purpose

You know the two little black rods connected to the steering wheel? Well they're actually used to INDICATE to the car behind you whether you plan on turning left or right. Give them a go, yeah?

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2. The road signs make no sense

They genuinely look like a game of Tetris.

Seriously, who is the genius behind them? To begin with, they appear straightforward enough, but in time, (as new roads are built) new signs are added all over the shop and it becomes nigh-on impossible to make any sense of them. Good luck to newbie drivers.

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3. Some cars think it's okay to pull the breaks as they near each exit

These are usually the drivers who've managed to get lost. (Which is most, since the roadway system makes no sense)...nothing worse than being stuck behind a driver like this.

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4. The fact that your GPS system doesn't work on the roads here

You might have a state-of-the-art Satnav, but that means nothing when you come to a road that has closed for no reason whatsoever with no explanation given. 


5. There's a big possibility that if you miss your exit you'll end up in Oman

Just do a quick u-ey and go back? Not on these roads. A silly mistake like missing an exit will probably add about an hour to your journey....yeow!


6. Concrete blocks in the middle of the road can ruin your entire day

The one-way systems are torture right? You can SEE your destination (at the other side of the road) but you have no idea about how to actually get there.

The below was taken in the Marina, when our boss here at Lovin' got into a bit of a tricky situation during rush hour...#shameface

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7. Because there are some drivers who treat the hard shoulder like their own personal short-cut

You're not special, get back in line buddy. 


8. Because being stuck in traffic is different here than anywhere else

Unlike in other cities when you see a pile-up and you can take a swift exit to avoid it. Once you're on the SZR there's no going back... 


9. Because some ignorant drivers feel the need to CONSTANTLY change lanes

Calm down...Your weaving and swerving is useless. This is not Mario Kart and you're going nowhere fast.

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