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A Memo To A Community About Feeding Stray Cats Is Causing Controversy In A Dubai Facebook Group

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Dubai residents are up in arms following a memo shared to one neighbourhood.

The note titled, ‘please do not feed the stray cats’ states that residents have begun to feed strays, and that management requires residents to cease action immediately, due to health and safety reasons.

The notice was shared in popular Dubai Facebook group, ‘you know you’ve lived in Dubai too long when….’ and unsurprisingly, it received a seriously mixed reaction.

The statement goes on to note that it understands feeding stray cats is ‘very tempting’ however, ‘it is not always the right thing to do’ and ends with a warning: You could be charged AED500 for feeding stray cats as it’s a violation of Dubai Healthy Laws.

This is the notice that reportedly appeared in a Dubai neighbourhood

It’s a major cause for debate and the comments do not hold back

Many residents support feeding strays, with one commentating ‘I’ve always looked after the cats in each community I lived in. Getting the neutered at my expense… them poor babies, I’m so sad for them.’

Another resident went on to mention that they’re okay as long as residents ‘TNR’ the cats, which is a term used to reference ‘Trap–neuter–return,’ a method for attempting to humanely and effectively manage free-roaming domestic cats.

Others strongly disagree with the practice

With some simply saying feeding strays leave to leftovers and waste. “The cats need to be neutered and put for adoption if really loved. A bit of responsibility comes with loving pets too.”

The memo was Wednesday morning’s big story on the Lovin Daily Live and judging from the comments… the debate will continue to rage

(*Mic issues: skip to 1.15) And let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

A Dubai community is asking its residents to QUIT feeding stray cats

A Dubai community is asking its residents to QUIT feeding stray cats

Gepostet von Lovin Dubai am Dienstag, 16. Juli 2019

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