Adam Saleh Met His Dubai Fans And It Looks Like It Was A Blast

We'll get you next time, Adam!

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Youtube sensation Adam Saleh is in Dubai this week for Arab Fashion Week. During his busy stay, he also managed to make time for his adoring fans yesterday at the Meydan Hotel. It went as expected...

Saleh was mobbed by fans

Who he defied all odds to get to...

Though not everyone seemed happy...

He also shared a 'Juju' with his younger female fans

And heartthrob Harris J

Before whipping with the king of the Nae Nae himself, Silento

Sorry though, ladies, it seems he also found love in the desert! 

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Aisha Deeb

Aisha has been a Dubai girl for almost 22 years and knows the city like the back of her hand. You can usually find her behind a camera, online shopping or watching horror movies. A sucker for street art and a total wordie.