This Amazing Oh So Cheesy Song About Dubai Is Fantastic And Needs to Be Heard

DJ's take note - this should to be on ALL brunch playlists from this day forth


It's rare you listen to a song once and immediately you JUST KNOW it's going to be stuck in your head for the entire day.

For this we apologize because this is one extremely catchy tune. We LOVE the cheese factor and the fact that even though it's still early in the week we're kinda hoping we get to be do an awkward shuffle to this next weekend. Tip of the cap to any DJ that gets this going on the decks, it might be a slow starter but it's sure to get the people going!

The song by The Establishments & Sal Davies was made back in 1984 is definitely a timeless classic and we can see it being blared in Rock Bottoms for years to come.... Have a listen, too cringe or do you love the cheese?

What we really love its that even though it was written a good while ago the lyrics still ring true. They mention the sun shining (hey, who knew it was sunny back then?!) and they mention getting lost here. (Although when I think of getting lost I think of the maze at the Madinat Jumeirah, they probably just mean the dessert. No actually, that's definitely what they mean)....

People didn't like going home back then either...

"On the day that I left you, I made a mistake I could tell"

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And like any cracking anthem this song has got an amazing chorus that just brings the whole thing home...

"Back in Dubai, there's the song and they sing it there all the time... I can hear there's a voice in the crowd, there's a voice to be heard and I heard it singing it out loud....BACK IN DUBAI!"

Eemmm... you kind of have to hear it to see what we're talking about...

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Casey Fitzgerald

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