6 Things That REALLY Annoy Us About Taxis In Dubai

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The one downside of living in a country with super cheap taxis? We spend way too much time in them and figure out pretty quickly that a life swanning around in taxis isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Here are our top 6 gripes. Any to add? Let us know in the comments...misery loves company and all that.

1. The driver never has the right change

Whether you offer a AED 200 note or AED 50, there's always a problem with the change

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2. The card payment system NEVER works

How great would it be if you could pay with your card, it would eliminate the change problem! But alas no, either the system doesn't work for you, or the screen is frozen by the last passenger who tried to work it. 

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3. There's no GPS system in the car

This should be a no-brainer. The roads here are complicated and you've got to be living here a lloooonnggggg time to confidently navigate the roads without GPS. How are new taxi drivers supposed to manage?

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4. It's impossible to get a taxi when you actually need one

Need a taxi at 6pm after work, or 7pm when the taxi drivers do a shift change? Forget it. And why do the drivers all change shifts at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME. So unnecessary

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5. There's usually a language barrier with the driver

In a city of over 200 nationalities this is to be expected. Still annoying when you're trying to explain your destination


6. When your driver thinks he knows a better route than you

Then you proceed to have the 'who has lived here longer' argument. As long as the route you end up on has no traffic, there are no casualties.


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Casey Fitzgerald

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