Annoyingly Stupid Questions Vegetarians Have To Answer

In honour of the veggies

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One of the biggest downsides of being a vegetarian is answering all the nonsense questions from 'non-veggies' claiming they know better than you!

Well Veggies, in your honour we've put together some of the stupid things Veggies the world over are sick of hearing.

"But you eat fish right?"

Last time we checked, fish still had a beating heart.


In a restaurant: "Veggie special is Pasta Pesto"

Wow, really creative there. No doubt the cheese has rennet in it.

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"Is it ok if you just pick the meat out of the food?"

Yeah yeah that's fine. Just don't expect me to eat it.


"But how do you get enough protein??"

By inhaling it obviously.


or else we can do it the same way everyone else seems to these days...

We joke, veg, beans, nuts- they all have protein!!!!


"So what about eggs? Do you eat eggs?"

Last time we checked eggs didn't have a beating heart.


"You must be one of those Animal Welfare Nuts?"

Terrific logic.


"Do you not ever get tempted by a great juicy steak?"

Yes because the smell of bloody meat is so alluring...



"So what would happen if you ate meat?"

Absolutely nothing.


"Would you eat meat if I gave you 10 million dollars?"

Yes, we're not stupid.


" I couldn't be a vegetarian- too many salads!"

Good for you, don't be one.


"But the animal is already dead?"

Good observation, but no we're still not going to eat it.


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