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Big Rossi Is On A Mission To Get Lean For RedFestDXB And It’s Your Daily Dose Of Fitspo

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Forget motivational quotes; if you need a daily dose of genuine fitspiration, you need to check out Big Rossi’s ‘gram story updates these last few weeks.

The Virgin Radio presenter kicked the new year off with one mission: to get in shape in time for RedFestDXB, when he’ll present an act on stage with the rest of the Virgin crew…

And from healthy meal plans, a doctor’s visit, daily INTENSE workouts and weigh-ins, he’s not doing this by halves.

Big Rossi at 21

“I’ve always been larger than life, never exercised and ate badly. This year I plan to change that!”

He’s training with Marcus Smith (the Dubai entrepreneur who ran 30 marathons in 30 days) so it’s safe to say he’s in good hands

Getting there – Rossi smashed the first race he ever took part in when he completed the 4km at the Dubai Marathon this month.

Follow for the highs and the lows

“Week 1 done! There were times this week were my legs were suffering because they were so tired and weren’t used to so much exercise but I kept on going, pushed through the other side and came out smiling “

Rossi’s posting the honest struggle of what it’s like to get back into fitness

This is a rare moment of honesty on the ‘gram and we’re here for it.

T-Minus 15 DAYS to RedFestDXB – Come on Rossi!

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