This Is What You Need To Know If You Want To Donate Blood In Dubai

UAE has previously been recognised by WHO for its transfusion servics


This day (14 June) every year is observed as World Blood Donor Day. In addition to raising awareness for the need for safe blood and blood products (like red blood cells, platelets or blood plasma), it is also used as an opportunity to thank blood donors for their life-saving (and changing) gift to others. If you're thinking of donating blood today, here are the bits you need to know...

You need to be 17 years or above to donate blood and weigh a minimum of 50 kgs

The most common form of donation is the whole blood donation wherein 470 ml of blood is taken. The donation time takes around eight to ten minutes, though the entire process is around an hour long

In Dubai, blood can be donated at the Dubai Blood Donation Center located in Latifa (previously known as Al Wasl) Hospital (04 219 3221). Donors can walk in anytime between 7.30am and 7pm on weekdays

Earlier this year Dubai Health Authority launched a campaign with football star Cristiano Ronaldo encouraging residents to donate blood

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